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SELLERS: Your business has been a major factor in your life since you became involved with it. You deserve the fair market value for your business to include justified business value along with the asset value. We will assist you start to finish in the preparation, listing, marketing, and transfer process. With over 19 years experience, national network support, and ongoing market research, we will work confidentially to help you achieve a successful transfer of your company.

BUYERS:  Buying a business is serious business and should not be taken lightly. Working with professional consultants is the key to successfully finding and purchasing a business. Through our extensive experience in business transfers, we try to guide you in the right direction to find the best situation to fit your preferences and interests. Our Customer's success is our goal. 

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April Boucher
April Boucher

Ms. Boucher started her first business transfer company in 1994 when she became an active affiliate with Business Brokers Network. April is the Owner / Responsible Real Estate Broker of The Professionals Group, LLC, with an emphasis on business consulting, business mergers, and acquisitions, business enhancement, business start-up consulting, and machinery and equipment consulting.  View All Staff

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